Lara Dann Smear Campaign A Good Time in the Park Painting on Paper 2010

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A curious mixed-media painting on canvas, titled Smear Campaign – A Good Time in the Park, by contemporary artist Lara Dann. Signed on front bottom right and titled/signed/dated on verso. Created in 2010. Dann often creates female portraits, so a male portrait is a departure from her typical oeuvre. Instead of creating a powerful feminine depiction, this male portrait is more satirical and humorous in nature. This painting was from the private collection of a curator and gallery owner from Los Angeles, who has a collection of artworks ranging from Barry McGee to Picasso. Purchased directly from the artist in 2010. Dimensions: 11h x 8.5w (unframed). In excellent condition. 


Lara Dann is a talented pop surrealist American artist who creates amazing paintings that depict fantastical figures in the midst of contrasting themes – such as light and dark, lust and innocence, knowledge and naivete. Her work is inspired by vintage and antique wallpaper tapestry which is featured in most of her underlying work. She is showcased in various galleries and collections throughout the United States.

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