Experience in shipping

We have nearly a decade of experience shipping vintage, fragile, and high-value furniture, and fine art worldwide.  We never seek to make a profit on the cost of shipping and do our best to find the safest and most economic method of delivery for all our clients.


Carrier Diversity

Depending on the item purchased, we may quote delivery options through USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, GPX, and/or with multiple domestic and/or international freight shipping companies to get you the best price on delivery.  We also offer free pick-up for anyone who wants to handle their own delivery.  If you have a carrier preference, please let us know before or during the order process, as our handling time is often 1-day or less.


Delivery Estimates

In most cases parcels are shipped out in 1-2 days and in transit for 3-5 days; delivered approximately 1-week from the date of purchase. Freight deliveries can take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on your location. We have freight shipments delivered to the East Coast approximately every 1-2 weeks, and to the West Coast approximately every 3-5 weeks.


Please keep in mind that all delivery dates provided by us are estimates, and all freight deliveries are made by third party companies. The shipping company we book your delivery with will contact you directly to schedule the date and time of delivery.

Never Over-Pay

If during the packaging or booking process we discover a method of delivery that is more economic than what you paid during check-out, we will reach out to inform you and issue a partial refund of the difference.


Damage in Transit

While damage in transit is rare, all our deliveries are fully insured. If you receive a damaged item, please retain all packing materials and notify us as soon as possible. We would be happy to facilitate an insurance claim to reimburse you for the cost of repair; or to accept a return for a full refund; but to file a claim you must retain the box and any materials associated with your delivery.


Feel Free to Inquire

Questions regarding delivery options, cost, and logistics are always best discussed before an order is confirmed.  If you would like to discuss delivery options, request a quote, or have any questions about our practices, please reach out to us any time.