Contemporary Signed Pastel Drawing Cephalus and Lalap Watch Procris Dying Framed

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A contemporary pastel drawing on paper titled Cephalus and Lalap Watch Procris Dying. Signed bottom left. It appears to read Christine Welch, a Detroit artist. Circa 1980s. A dramatic composition with 3 intertwining figures embracing. The dark moody colors and morose subject matter encapsulates a macabre feeling. As the mythology states, Procris dies in front of her husband, Cephalus, an expert hunter who accidentally shot her. Suspicious that Cephalus was visiting a lover instead of hunting, Procris hid in a bush to spy on him. Mistaking her movement for prey, the hunter shot his wife. In this interpretation, the artist adds another figure which appears to be a dog and named Lalap per the title. The moralizing subject warns of the dire consequences of jealousy. From a private collection. Dimensions: 36.25"h x 48.25"w x 1.25"d (framed). In very good condition.


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